Snow Removal Process

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With the prospect of winter weather on the horizon, East Stroudsburg Borough would like to take this opportunity to remind all East Stroudsburg Borough residents that Section 132-1 of the East Stroudsburg Code requires sidewalks to be cleared of snow and/or ice accumulation within 24 hours of the end of the weather event.

FIRE HYDRANTS: When there is an emergency, every second counts. Fire hydrants that are blocked, concealed, or difficult to access due to snow or ice impede emergency fire response. One of the first tasks upon arriving at a fire is to locate a water supply from the nearest hydrant. Hydrants covered in snow can be difficult to locate, and uncovering them can waste valuable time needed during the firefighting operations.

If there is a fire hydrant near your house, do your part to keep it accessible.  Remove any snow and ice, and clear about a three-foot perimeter around the hydrant for firefighters to work.  Clear a path from the hydrant to the street.  Consider helping elderly friends, neighbors, or those with medical conditions to keep their fire hydrants clear. 

Keeping them clear can mean easier access to water and more time doing what really matters — fighting the fire. The volunteer firefighters are always there when we need them – Let’s work together to help them help us.  On behalf of the East Stroudsburg Fire Department, thank you for your assistance.