Parking Within the Borough

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***Parking Tickets can now by paid over the phone – call 570-258-8552***

The 2022/2023 Residential Parking Permits are now available.

Permits can be applied for and paid on-line or in person
at the Municipal Building.

Click here to apply on-line.
To determine which zone you reside in, and for more specific information
about the parking program, please see below.  

Application for Residential Permit Parking Form

Parking Meters

East Stroudsburg Borough operates and maintains parking meters on public streets in the “Institutional District” and in the “Downtown District”.  The purpose of parking meters is to encourage turnover of parking spaces in commercial areas, and to discourage long-term parking in areas where private parking is regulated, such as on the East Stroudsburg University campus.  The Borough has in effect two different parking rate structures, and penalties for Violations, for the Institution District, and the Downtown District. 

Institutional District

The Institutional District includes all parking meters on streets near the East Stroudsburg University campus, and Pocono Medical Center.  Parking meters within the Institutional District include meters on Normal Street, Prospect Street, and Smith Street.

  1. Parking at these meters is enforced from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday.
  2. Parking rates at these meters is $0.25 for each ¼ hour ($1.00 per hour).
  3. The penalty (fine) for a Parking Violation for an expired meter is $25.00 .*

Downtown District

The Downtown District includes all parking meters in the downtown area, located on the following streets:  Analomink Street, Crystal Street, Federal Street, North Courtland Street, North Crystal Street, South Courtland Street, South Kistler Street, and Washington Street; and in the following municipal parking lots:  Dansbury Terrace Lot, Day Street Lot, Harlacher Lot, North Kistler Street Lot, South Kistler Street Lot, and South Courtland Street Lot.

  1. Parking at these meters is enforced from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday.
  2. Parking rates at these meters is $0.10 for ¼ hour; $0.25 for ½ hour.
  3. The penalty (fine) for a Parking Violation for an expired meter will increase to $10.00 effective January 17th, 2018.*

*If the fine for a parking meter violation is not paid within five (5) days of its issuance, a late fee is imposed.  Tickets for parking meter violations may be paid on line using a credit card, in person at the East Stroudsburg Municipal Office, or by depositing the ticket envelope with the applicable fine payment included in one of the parking fine collection boxes installed at various locations in the Borough.

3-Hour Parking Meters

The Borough Parking Enforcement Office would like to take the opportunity to inform the public that the parking meters in the Borough’s South Courtland Street municipal parking lot (the parking lot adjacent to the Pocono Community Theater) have been converted from a time limit of 2 hours maximum to a time limit of 3 hours maximum.  The 3 hour meters are now in service.

Residential Permit Parking

East Stroudsburg Borough enacted a Residential Permit Parking Program in 2005 to attempt to mitigate the adverse effects of congestion associated with on-street parking of vehicles by non-residents upon roadways within certain areas and neighborhoods of the Borough.  Long-term parking by non-residents displaces resident parking, impairs the safety and welfare of all residents when parking by non-residents makes it difficult for the Borough to adequately plow snow, operate its street sweeper or otherwise maintain the roads, and negatively impacts the aesthetic appearance or residential neighborhoods.

Designation of Residential Permit Parking Districts

The Residential Permit Parking Districts are located near the campus of East Stroudsburg University and Pocono Medical Center.  There are three areas designated as residential permit parking districts, designated as the “Blue”,  “Yellow”, and “Red” Permit Parking Districts.  Permit holders are only permitted to park in the area that corresponds with the color of their permit decal during the hours that the residential permit parking restrictions are in effect.

The “Blue” District contains the following streets or roads:  Analomink Street; Drake Street; Hoffman Street; Fairview Street; Penn Street; Prospect Street; (from Elk Street north to Nos. 57/58); Ransberry Avenue; South Green Street; South Kistler Street; and Stemple Street.

The “Yellow” District contains the following streets or roads:  Braeside Avenue; Brodhead Avenue; Centre Street; East Brown Street (from Prospect Street west to its terminus); Elk Street; Merten Street; Orchard Street; and Ridgeway Street.

The “Red” District contains the following streets or roads:  Emerson Road; Hill Street; Longfellow Road; Marguerite Street; Normal Street; Taylor Street.

It is a violation of the Permit Parking provisions for anyone to park any motor vehicle, or allow any motor vehicle to be parked, in a residential permit parking district from Monday 6:00 a.m. through and including Friday 6:00 p.m.  Residential parking permit holders and visitors with passes must comply with all other vehicle control and parking regulations or restrictions in effect for the street included within the parking district.  For example, Alternate-Side parking restrictions still apply, if in effect on a particular street, and permit-parkers must still obey handicapped parking space restrictions.

A residential parking permit shall be issued to the resident owner of any vehicle who resides upon any street or road within a designated Residential Permit Parking District in the Borough, upon the resident filling out an application and paying the required bi-annual permit fee.  Permits may be obtained at the Borough Municipal Building during normal business hours.

A residential parking permit must be obtained for each vehicle owned by a legal resident of the street or road designated as a Residential Permit Parking District; if the vehicle will be parked at any time on a street (as opposed to in a driveway off-street).  A permit is only valid for the vehicle to which it is issued and is not transferable between vehicles.  Permits are issued for a two-year period, on a calendar-year basis.  After January 1 of the second year of a two-year permit, the applicant only has to pay one-half of the applicable permit fee for the  balance of the two-year time period.

The bi-annual residential parking permit fee is currently $10.00 per vehicle.  A maximum of three permits may be issued per dwelling unit. A permit decal shall be issued by the Borough for each registered vehicle which must be affixed to the driver’s (left) side on the exterior of the front windshield, just above the inspection sticker.  A residential parking permit will not be issued for any motor vehicle for which one or more unpaid citations have been issued by the Borough for parking violations.

Application Procedure

Applicants must show proof of residency when applying for a residential parking permit, and provide a copy of their vehicle registration.  If the vehicle is not registered to the applicable resident address, the applicant must prove that he/she is a legal resident at the address (residing in conformance with the Zoning Code requirements of the Borough) by showing a copy of his/her lease agreement if a tenant, not an owner.  If a company vehicle, the applicant shall provide employer certification that the individual has use of the company vehicle to obtain the parking permit for such vehicle.
Visitor Passes

The Borough Permit Parking program makes provision that the owner of each dwelling may make application for and receive (1) short-term Visitor passes for use by bonafide visitors to the dwelling unit for a short-term period of time not exceeding two (2) days.  Such visitor passes will be in addition to residential parking permits issued for vehicles owned by legal residents of the dwelling unit.  Visitor passes will not be issued to applicants for any motor vehicle for which one or unpaid citations have been issued by the Borough for parking violations.  Misuse of visitor passes will result in revocation of the visitor pass(es) and prosecution for violation of the parking permit ordinance provisions. Visitor passes, if lost or misplaced, will not be replaced!  The owner or landlord of the premises is ultimately responsible for caring for/maintenance of the Visitor Passes; and it is up to them to get back the Visitor passes issued to tenants when tenants change occupancy.

Violations and Penalties

Any person who violates or fails to comply with any Residential Permit Parking provisions shall be assessed a fine of $80.00; if paid within 7 days.  If not paid within 7 days, a late notice shall be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle, and the fine will be increased to $100.00.  Any vehicle for which a fine has not been paid within (14) days of issuance will be subject to being towed and impounded.  Such vehicle will be released to the owner only upon payment of all applicable charges, costs, fees, and fines.

Reserved (Lease) Parking Spaces in Parking Lots

The Borough provides a limited number of parking spaces in several municipal parking lots that are available for reserved (lease) parking on a long-term basis, for either a six-month or twelve-month basis.  A limited number of reserved parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis in the following parking lots:  Day Street Parking Lot, Harlacher Parking Lot, South Courtland Street Parking Lot, and the South Kistler Street Parking Lot.

The long-term reserved (lease) parking fees are currently (per space):

  1. Quarterly reservation:  $92.50 for three months
  2. Semi-annual reservation:  $170.00 for six months
  3. Annual reservation:  $300.00 per year

Reserved parking spaces can be applied for and are issued at the East Stroudsburg Borough Municipal Office during normal business hours.  A reserved parking placard is issued to the applicant upon payment of the required fee in advance, and is good for unlimited parking privileges and use exclusively for the parking space so reserved.  A parking placard is good for only one vehicle and may not be transferred, lent or sold for use with another vehicle or by another person

The East Stroudsburg Municipal Building is located at 24 Analomink Street (at the north end of Crystal Street), and is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Telephone no. (570) 421-8300. Fax no. (570) 421-5575.

Handicap Parking Zones

Designated handicap parking spaces are only for use by persons with an approved handicap license plate or placard.  The handicap placard must be visibly displayed.  Parking in metered handicap spaces is not free – you must still deposit the proper coins in the meter.

Handicap Parking Sign – Residential

An individual requesting designation of a handicap parking space on a residential street may do so by submitting an application at the Borough Office.  The applicant must provide proof that he/she is qualified for a handicap license or placard from PennDOT. No handicap parking space shall be designated if there exists a reasonably accessible off-street parking space or area to serve such location, or if such space or area can be created.  A handicap parking space so designated is not for the exclusive use of any one individual and may be used by any person with disability properly displaying a valid license plate or placard.