About the Borough

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The Borough of East Stroudsburg was created by an Act of the Pennsylvania State Legislature and incorporated as a Borough in 1870.  Our municipality includes an area of approximately 2.5 square miles and a resident population of over 10,000.

East Stroudsburg Borough originally was the industrial center of Monroe County due to the railroad.  Now it is home to the two largest service institutions in the county, East Stroudsburg University and Lehigh Valley Hospital – Pocono.

The Borough operates under the provisions of the Borough Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Borough Council (the legislative branch of the local government) is made up of six (6) members, who are elected by wards.    The administrative branch of the Borough government is directed by a professional administrator (Borough Manager) appointed by  Council.  The elected Mayor serves as the official “Head of State”.  A separately elected Tax Collector is responsible for collecting borough and county real estate taxes.
Borough Council

East Stroudsburg Borough functions under the Council/Manager form of municipal government which was adopted by the borough in the late 1950’s to meet the ever expanding needs of the citizenry of our community.  The present Borough Council members are elected to serve a four (4) year term with three (3) members standing for election every two years.  Borough Council selects one of its members as President of Council to serve as presiding officer at all council meetings.  The Borough Council, assisted by the Borough Manager, is responsible for representing all citizens in the activities and affairs of the Borough.Council adopts ordinances and resolutions (legislation), determines policies, adopts long-range capital and annual operating budgets for the Borough, sets the Borough tax rates, receives requests and suggestions for changes in policy, and represents the community in relationship with other governments and quasi-public organizations.  Individual council members also provide liaison with citizen groups and federal, state and county officials.
Mayor of the Borough

The Mayor is elected at-large by the citizens of the Borough for a term of four (4) years. The main duty and responsibility of the Mayor historically was to supervise the functions of the police department as specified under the Borough Code. This responsibility has now changed with the formation of the Stroud Area Regional Police Department. The current Mayor serves as a member of the Regional Police Commission.
Borough Manager

Borough Council appoints the Borough Manager, who serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of the Borough. The Borough Manager is responsible for directing all municipal activities not specifically governed by State Law in the Borough Code. The Manager advises Borough Council on the financial conditions and needs of the Borough including responsibility for preparing the annual budget, makes recommendations to Council on the affairs of the Borough, and assures that local ordinances and state laws are enforced.
Borough Solicitor
The Borough Solicitor is appointed by the Borough Council and serves as legal advisor to the Borough Council and Administration. The Solicitor furnishes legal guidance for all Council meetings and for the various Boards and Commissions, drafts or reviews all ordinances, resolutions and agreements, and is counsel for the Borough in all litigation to which it is a party.
Borough Treasurer
The Borough Treasurer is responsible for controlling the cash management of the Borough and manages the Borough’s investment program and securities and bank deposits. The Treasurer also controls and reconciles all bank accounts of the Borough and is responsible for the preparation of monthly financial statements showing activity, status and bank balances of each Borough fund and presents these statements to the Borough Council. The Borough Manager currently also serves as Assistant Borough Treasurer.
Health Officer
East Stroudsburg Borough has a certified Health Officer, and is responsible for public health-related matters within the Borough, including the licensing and inspecting of restaurants and public eating establishments.

Boards and Commissions

East Stroudsburg Borough is fortunate to have dozens of residents who dedicate their valuable time and effort on a monthly or regular basis to serve as volunteers on various Boards and Commissions established by the Borough.

Interested residents can submit a letter; or download, complete and submit the Application for Boards and Commissions that is available on this website. Application in PDF

In addition to the Borough employees, there are several volunteer Council-appointed boards and commissions which advise and assist Council and the Manager in managing the affairs of the Borough.  The current list of boards and commissions includes:

  • Zoning Hearing Board
  • Planning Commission
  • Recreation Board
  • Shade Tree Commission
  • Stroud Area Regional Police Commission
  • Twin Boroughs Recycling Committee
  • Monroe County Control Center Board of Directors
  • Stroud Region Open Space and Recreation Commission

More information on the various boards and commissions of the borough can be obtained elsewhere on this website.