OPERATING HOURS OF TWIN BOROUGHS RECYCLE DROP OFF CENTER:  The Recycling Center is open daily Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., except for holidays. On Saturdays, the Recycling Center is open 8:00 a.m. until 11:30 AM.  The Recycling Center is open to BOROUGH RESIDENTS ONLY.  

The Twin Boroughs Recycling Center is conveniently located off Lincoln Avenue just south of Interstate 80. From Brown Street, take Lincoln Avenue, past WalMart, and make a right into the Recycling Center.  From Prospect Street (at I-80 Exit 308), take Forge Road and make a left into the Recycling Center.


East Stroudsburg Borough provides a comprehensive and convenient program for borough residents to participate in recycling through the Twin Boroughs Recycling Program operated jointly with the Borough of Stroudsburg. The program includes a biweekly curbside collection program, which divides the Borough into four pick-up areas.  Please click here to find your collection day based on the street on which you reside.  This is a source-separated program – you must have separate buckets or containers for placing your sorted recyclable materials at curbside.  You may use any type bucket or pail for placing the different recyclable materials into separate containers, or contact the recycling center to see if buckets are available to be dropped off at your residence.  If you have any questions concerning the curbside collection program, please call the Recycling Center at (570) 424-5170, or the Borough Office at (570) 421-8300.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
January 7, 22* January 8, 23* January 9, 24* January 10, 25*
February 4, 19* February 5, 20* February 6, 21* February 7, 22*
March 4, 18 March 5, 19 March 6, 20 March 7, 21
April 1, 15, 29 April 2, 16, 30 April 3, 17 April 4, 18
May 13, 28* May 14, 29* May 1, 15, 30* May 2, 16, 31*
June 10, 24 June 11, 25 June 12, 26 June 13, 27
July 8, 22 July 9, 23 July 10, 24 July 11, 25
August 5, 19 August 6, 20 August 7, 21 August 8, 22
September 3*, 16, 30 September 4*, 17 September 5*, 18 September 6*, 19
October 15*, 28 October 1, 16*, 29 October 2, 17*, 30 October 3, 18*, 31
November 12*, 25 November 13*, 26 November 14*, 27 November 15*
December 9, 23 December 10, 24 December 11, 26* December 12, 27*

* One day later due to Holiday
Remember to have your recyclable materials placed out along the curb by 5:00 a.m. on the day of your scheduled pick-up. 


NEWSPAPERS, MAGAZINES, AND CARDBOARD: Bundle newspapers in brown paper bags or tie with cord. Do not tape together. Do not put in plastic bags. Magazines and junk mail may be combined but keep separate from newspapers. Cardboard must be broken down and tied.
GLASSJars, bottles: brown, clear and green; Sort bottles by color. Rinse out bottles. Labels may be left on. No windowpane, blue bottles or ceramics are accepted.
ALUMINUM: Cans and Aluminum Foil – Rinse and flatten aluminum cans.
PLASTIC BOTTLES: Please rinse bottles, remove caps and crush – to save space. Nos. 1 – 7 plastic bottles and tubs are now accepted! Examples: soda bottles, milk and water jugs, detergent bottles, butter tubs or yogurt containers! No motor oil bottles!

Place all plastics together in one bucket or bag.  Please sort your recycling – it is the law – and it helps us to help protect the environment. It can also lessen the need for future Borough solid waste user fee increases. Encourage your neighbors to participate!


Keep your recycling bucket(s) in a convenient and visible location.
Do rinse food from bottles, jars, and aluminum cans.
Use your pails for glass and aluminum cans. Don’t break glass before placing it in pail.
Don’t place light bulbs, ceramic glass, mirrors, items made of clay or laminated glass in with your recyclables – those items are not recyclable.
Combine magazines and junk mail. Bundle paper separately.
Don’t place deposit beverage containers in the recycling pail. Return them to the store for a refund.
Do not put newspapers in the plastic recycling buckets. Use brown paper bags or bundle.
Curbside pickup of recyclables will be suspended during snow emergencies.


Steel or bi metal cans are not picked up at curbside but can be brought to the Twin Boroughs Recycling Drop-off Center. The Recycling Center also accepts Styrofoam “peanuts”, as well as all the recyclable items which are also picked up at curbside.
Please Note: Plastic recyclables will no longer be accepted at the Twin Boroughs Recycling center due to a large increase in non-recyclable refuse being deposited in the plastic bins. Curbside pickup of plastics will continue for all residents of the Borough.

Please be advised that disposal of electronics curbside for weekly trash pickup is prohibited. These materials should be disposed of at the Twin Borough Recycling Center located on Lincoln Avenue. Electronics include but are not limited to televisions, computers and accessories, and audio and video devices.


Persons must separate high-grade office paper, aluminum, corrugated paper and such other materials as may be designated by the Borough generated at commercial, municipal and institutional establishments and from community activities and store the recyclable materials until collection. A person may be exempted from this subsection if that person submits documentation to the Borough annually indicating that the designated recyclable materials are being recycled in an appropriate manner.

If recyclable materials are collected by a collector other than the Borough or its authorized agent, the collector shall provide the occupants of said establishments with the tonnage of materials recycled during the previous year. Occupants shall then submit an annual report to the Borough reporting the tonnage of materials recycled during the previous year.

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