East Stroudsburg Borough Leaf Collection Schedule

The Borough of East Stroudsburg will begin leaf collection on Tuesday, October 13 and will continue through Wednesday, November 25, 2020.

Residents should rake leaves to the edge/curbside of their properties without blocking sidewalks, roadways or storm drains.  Please ensure the collection piles only contain leaves with no other debris such as limbs, sticks, stumps, or grass clippings.

Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday/Friday:
Barnum Street Berwick Heights Road Amber Lane Analomink Street
Borough Street Birch Street Ashburn Drive Braeside Avenue
Brown Street Blair Court Burson Street Brodhead Avenue
Crystal Street Brookside Avenue East Broad Street Centre Street
Dansbury Terrace Brookside Trailer Park Emerald Court Drake Street
Day Street Buttonwood Court Exchange Street East Brown Street
Dearr Street Chestnut Street Floral Lane Elk Street
Eli Street Eagle Valley Lane Franklin Hill Court Ellies Lane
Elizabeth Street East 1st Street Franklin Hill Road Emerson Road
Fulton Street East 2nd Street Gap View Heights Road Fairview Avenue
Gay Street East 3rd Street Garnet Lane Greentree Drive
Gold Street East 4th Street Gilliland Drive Gwendolyn Street
Grove Street East 5th Street Grand Street Hill Street
Hallet Street East 6th Street Hazen Street Hoffman Street
Harris Street Elm Street Jade Avenue McDonald Street
Henry Street Grandview Street Kiwanis Street Marguerite Street
Lenox Avenue Hannah Court Lackawanna Avenue Mary Street
Meyers Street Hillside Court Laurel Lane Merten Street
Oakland Street King Street Lions Street Normal Street
Park Street Maple Avenue Neola Street Orchard Street
Roller Street Milford Road North Green Street Penn Street
South Courtland Street Monroe Street North Kistler Street Prospect Street
Starbird Street North Courtland Street Onyx Lane Ransberry Avenue
Teeter Street Oak Street Papillion Court Ridgeway Street
Vine Street Old Oak Street Ruth Street Smith Street
Walnut Street Pearl Street Secor Avenue Spangenburg Avenue
Washington Street Perry Street Sopher Street South Green Street
West Broad Street Race Street Spring Street South Kistler Street
Spruce Street State Street South Marguerite Street
Thomas Point Teak Lane Stemple Street
West 4th Street Warren Street Taylor Street
West 5th Street Yetter Street
West 6th Street
Williams Street
Willow Street


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