Borough Council

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East Stroudsburg Borough functions under the Council/Manager form of municipal government which was adopted by the borough in the late 1950’s to meet the ever expanding needs of the citizenry of our community.  The present Borough Council members are elected to serve a four (4) year term with three (3) members standing for election every two years.  Borough Council selects one of its members as President of Council to serve as presiding officer at all council meetings.  The Borough Council, assisted by the Borough Manager, is responsible for representing all citizens in the activities and affairs of the Borough.

Council adopts ordinances and resolutions (legislation), determines policies, adopts long range capital and annual operating budgets for the Borough, sets the Borough tax rates, receives requests and suggestions for changes in policy, and represents the community in relationship with other governments and quasi-public organizations.  Individual council members also provide liaison with citizen groups and federal, state and county officials