NOTE: – Plastic recyclables will no longer be accepted at the Twin Boroughs Recycling center due to a large increase in Non-recyclable refuse being deposited in the plastic bins. Curbside pickup of plastics will continue for all residents of the Borough. Thank you for your cooperation concerning this matter.

East Stroudsburg Borough provides a comprehensive and convenient program for residents to participate in recycling through the Twin Boroughs Recycling Program operated jointly with the Borough of Stroudsburg. The program includes a biweekly curbside collection program (pick-up every other week) which divides the Borough of East Stroudsburg into four (4) pick-up areas – Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. A map showing the pickup areas and the schedule of biweekly collections is distributed to residents twice per year. The scheduled pickup dates for the next several months of 2017 are also included in this section.

This is a source-separated program – you must have separate buckets or containers for placing your sorted recyclable materials at curbside. The Recycling Program has currently run out of the green recycling buckets which were originally purchased with State grant funds . However, you may use any type bucket or pail for placing the different recyclable materials into separate containers.

Remember to have your recyclable materials placed out along the curb by 5:00 a.m. on the day of your scheduled pick-up

Please sort your recycling – it is the law – and it helps us to help protect the environment. It can also lessen the need for future Borough solid waste user fee increases. Encourage your neighbors to participate!

If you have any questions concerning the curbside collection program, please call the Recycling Center at (570) 424-5170, or the Borough Office at (570) 421-8300.


Keep your recycling bucket(s) in a convenient and visible location.

Do rinse food from bottles, jars, and aluminum cans.

Use your pails for glass and aluminum cans. Don’t break glass before placing it in pail.

Don’t place light bulbs, ceramic glass, mirrors, items made of clay or laminated glass in with your recyclables – those items are not recyclable.

Combine magazines and junk mail. Bundle paper separately.

Don’t place deposit beverage containers in the recycling pail. Return them to the store for a refund.

Do not put newspapers in the plastic recycling buckets. Use brown paper bags or bundle.

Curbside pickup of recyclables will be suspended during snow emergencies. Please tune in to local radio stations WVPO or WSBG for information on postponements of recycling pickups.



Bundle newspapers in brown paper bags or tie with cord. Do not tape together. Do not put in plastic bags. Magazines and junk mail may be combined but keep separate from newspapers. Cardboard must be broken down and tied.

Jars, bottles: brown, clear and green

Sort bottles by color. Rinse out bottles. Labels may be left on. No windowpane, blue bottles or ceramics are accepted.

ALUMINUM: Cans and Aluminum Foil

Rinse and flatten aluminum cans.


Please rinse bottles, remove caps and crush – to save space. Nos. 1 – 7 plastic bottles and tubs are now accepted! Examples: soda bottles, milk and water jugs, detergent bottles, butter tubs or yogurt containers! No motor oil bottles!

Place all plastics together in one bucket or bag.


Steel or bimetal cans are not picked up at curbside but can be brought to the Twin Boroughs Recycling Drop-off Center. The Recycling Center also accepts Styrofoam “peanuts”, as well as all the recyclable items which are also picked up at curbside.



January 8, 22                                            April 2, 16, 30

February 5, 20*                                        May 14, 29*

March 5, 19                                                June 11, 25


January 9, 23                                            April 3, 17

February 6, 21*                                         May 1, 15, 30*

March 6, 20                                               June 12, 26


January 10, 24                                           April 4, 18

February 7, 22*                                         May 2, 16, 31*

March 7, 21                                                June 13, 27


January 11, 25                                           April 5, 19

February 8, 23*                                        May 3, 17

March 8, 22                                               June 1*, 15*, 28

* indicates one day later in week due to holiday


The Twin Boroughs Recycling Center is conveniently located off Lincoln Avenue just south of Interstate 80. From Brown Street, take Lincoln Ave. past Wal*Mart underneath I-80 and make a right into the Recycling Center driveway. From Prospect Street (at I-80 Exit 308), take Forge Road to Lincoln Ave. to the Recycling Center.

The Recycling Center is open daily Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., except for holidays. On Saturdays, the Recycling Center is open 8:00 a.m. until 11:30 AM.


East Stroudsburg Borough provides special Christmas Tree curbside recycling pick-ups, during the three week period immediately following the Christmas holiday.  After Christmas is over, don’t trash your live tree, recycle it!  The Department of Public Works crew will pick-up and chip-up your Christmas tree if you place the tree out at the street curb in front of your residence on the designated dates below.  Trees must have lights and stands removed in order to be picked up.

Friday, December 29, 2017
Tuesday, January 2, 2018
Friday, January 5, 2018
Monday, January 8, 2018
Friday, January 12, 2018


Pickup will be from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on the designated dates. East Stroudsburg Borough residents may also bring their tree to the Twin Boroughs Recycling Drop-Off Center located off Lincoln Avenue during regular Center hours. Please be advised that the garbage collection contractor, Waste Management of PA, Inc. does not pick up Christmas trees or branches or other unbagged yard wastes under the garbage contract, so you will need to place your tree out for pickup on the above days only. The scheduled Christmas Tree pickup dates and the bimonthly yard waste pickups by the Borough beginning in April (see schedule below) are the only dates for curbside pickup at your residence.


The Borough offers a bimonthly curbside Yard Waste Pickup Program, which is held from April through October of each year.  Borough crews will pick up yard waste at curbside on the same days of regular recycling pick-ups in the Borough according to the schedule below.  Residents may place at curbside for pick up, on these weeks only, a reasonable quantity of woody yard wastes materials from your own property – including tree branches, limbs and cuttings, small bushes (without the root ball), hedges, and tree logs not exceeding five inches (5”) in diameter.  The Borough crews will not pick up leaves, grass clippings, flowers, vines, roots, or garden/vegetable plants as part of these yard waste collections.  The yard waste materials collected will be transported to the Recycling Center on Lincoln Avenue where the branches/yard wastes will be ground up and processed for mulch.

The upcoming Schedule for 2018 year Borough Yard Waste Pickups is as follows:

Monday – Thursday, April 2 – 5
Monday – Thursday, June 11 – 14
Monday – Thursday, August 6 – 9
Monday – Thursday, October 1 – 4

Residents should place their yard wastes at curbside on the same day of the week as their regular recycling pickup during the above week dates only.  Branches and limbs must be cut into manageable lengths (no more than 4 ft.), tied or bundled and stacked as best possible, alongside the road in front of your residence but not on the road pavement.

Borough residents may also continue to bring yard wastes to the Twin Borough Recycling Center off Lincoln Avenue during regular Center hours. The yard waste program is for Borough residents and property owners only. Anyone bringing in yard wastes from outside the Borough will be prosecuted for violation of Borough ordinance requirements.

Please remember that the Borough garbage contractor, Waste Management of PA, Inc.), is not responsible for picking up branches, limbs, and other “woody” yard waste materials under their refuse contract with the Borough.

Borough residents may also pick up at the Recycling Center, free of charge, mulch that is produced from the ground-up yard wastes (depending on availability). Please be advised, however, that you have to shovel and load your own mulch!

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