East Stroudsburg Borough has its own local Board of Health and a certified Health Officer, as provided for by the state Borough Code.  The Board of Health is appointed by Borough Council and is responsible for public health-related matters within the Borough, including the licensing and inspecting of restaurants and public eating establishments.

All restaurants must apply for and maintain an annual health license from the Borough.  The annual fee for the health license is based on the number of seats within the eating establishment as follows:

  • Establishments serving only coffee and baked goods:  $35.
  • Establishments with up to twenty-five (25) seats:  $125.
  • Establishments with twenty-six (26) through fifty (50) seats:  $150.
  • Establishments with fifty one (51) or more seats:  $250.
  • Mobile eating establishments (vending trucks):  $150.

There is no fee for non-profit establishments without liquor licenses; however such establishments must still apply for and obtain a license.

Restaurants are inspected annually by the Health Officer for basic health code safety standards in order to maintain their license.  A re-inspection fee of $150 is charged for any re-inspection required by the failure of an establishment to pass an inspection by the Health Officer.  Any establishment which fails to correct a health code violation, or fails to take remedial action ordered by the Health Officer, shall be guilty of a summary offense and, upon conviction thereof, shall be subject to a fine of up to $1,000.

The Borough requires that all persons who handle food, in any manner or capacity, at a public eating establishment within the Borough, must obtain a health certificate from the Borough, which requires that those persons have an annual physical; that is, they must be examined by a licensed physician and found to be free of diseases transmissible through the handling of food.  Copies of the certification form to be completed and submitted to the Borough are available at the Borough Office.

This is in addition to the state requirement that any public eating establishment must have at least one supervisory employee certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture as a Food Employee per Title 3 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, Sections 6501-6510.  This certification must be renewed every five years.  Educational providers for obtaining the necessary food handling instruction, as well as the state application form for Food Employee Certification are available at the Borough Office. This certification is one of the requirements for obtaining the Borough Health License.

Anyone with questions concerning the health license procedures or requirements should contact Anita Einolf, Health Officer, at the East Stroudsburg Borough Office during normal office hours.

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